The super-duper science-filled boredom-blaster

for creative and curious kids from Bangor's

Maine Discovery Museum!

What will you discover?

Cultivate curiosity with Maine Discovery Museum’s Discovery Kits!

Discovery Kits are

  • Full of multiple STEM discoveries

  • Serious science play

  • Open-ended

  • Imaginative and creative

  • For multiple children

  • For multiple explorations

  • Easy to set up, easy to do 

  • Just challenging enough for serious science work

  • And always fun

Each Kit Includes:

  • All materials and tools

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • Science facts and resources

  • Additional activities and fun surprises

  • Hours of fun and wonder

Sample of easy-to-follow instructions included with each activity in each Discovery Kit!


SOLD OUT! Explorations in this special Halloween-themed Discovery Kit are: Slime Specialist Lab, Super Secret Monster Repellant, Little Bat Puppets, and a Halloween Beasty Trap

Wreath Making

SOLD OUT! Use traditional techniques and a box full of fresh, fragrant evergreen tips to bind your own wreath.
Decorate your wreath with a custom, handmade bow and high-quality ornaments! There’s plenty of science and sensory fun in this kit, too: amazing nature science investigations and sensory experiments with fragrant Maine evergreens!

Gingerbread Houses

SOLD OUT! Assemble a beautiful, whimsical gingerbread house baked with fresh, local ingredients from an authentic Bavarian recipe. Make it your own with additional gingerbread cookies and pieces! Decorate your gingerbread house with quality candy and fresh frosting!
Explore the E in S.T.E.M. with construction engineering and architecture experiments using…gingerbread!

Stay tuned for more kits!

Magical Fantastical

Calling all aspiring magi-scientists! Explore nature’s most mythical creatures both real and unreal and some serious science magic! If you ever wondered if unicorns and dragons could be real this kit is for you! Study and compare amazing animals and build a model mini habitat. Try some cool experiments that might look like magic….but only if you don’t know science! Use your imagination to make glowing unicorn lanterns, dragon friends, and turn the whole box into a magical castle!

Out Of This World

Coming soon!

Maine Science Festival Take-over: Colorful Chemysteries!

Coming soon!


$39.99 each

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