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What will you discover?

Cultivate curiosity with

Maine Discovery Museum’s

Discovery Kits!

Discovery Kits are

  • Full of multiple STEM discoveries

  • Serious science play

  • Open-ended

  • Imaginative and creative

  • For multiple children

  • For multiple explorations

  • Easy to set up, easy to do 

  • Just challenging enough for serious science work

  • And always fun

Each Kit Includes:

  • All materials and tools

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • Science facts and resources

  • Additional activities and fun surprises

  • Hours of fun and wonder

Sample of easy-to-follow instructions included with each activity in each Discovery Kit!

Coming soon!

Maine Discovery Museum has missed over 350 in-person birthday celebrations over the last year! Each of our friends has turned another year older since we last visited with you. Thinking of all the fun we've missed inspired us to create something special for the year ahead. In honor of our 20th birthday, MDM is launching birthday edition Discovery Kits. We don't want to miss any more opportunities to celebrate the amazing kids in our community. Available soon!

April’s Discovery Kits take a deep dive into Oceans Full of Wonder! Imagine life in coral reefs and deep-sea ditches! Make a whole little underwater world, explore the deep blue sea with cool seashell experiments and wearable art, conduct a mini diving submarine test, and turn vegetables that grow in the ocean into sea slime!

“Bee” a nature scientist and discover how things grow! Build a working bluebird birdhouse. Can you beat a bird in the fun nest engineering challenge? Make pollinator friendly seed paper and seed truffles, bee feeders and flower art! What are the secrets of eggs, seeds, and soil? Go grow something with the Amazing Nature Discovery Kits!


Discover surprising treasures in unexpected places. From beaches to woods, explore like a naturalist as you look for elusive insects, and test, clean and organize what the sea has left behind. If you are a rock hound, the science of geology will help you find even better surprises!

SOLD OUT! - Here at the Maine Discovery Museum, we like to think of March as science month! The Maine Science Festival - the first and only festival celebration of science in Maine, and MDM's largest program - is usually held over five days in March. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MSF won't be able to be held this March. The MSF will be holding online forums for our high-school-and-up audience from January through March. And for our younger audience, the MSF is taking over the Discovery Kits! You'll learn about some of the remarkable scientists working in Maine, and have fun-filled science activities to explore:

Discover the most colorful science around! Create colors with chemistry! Turn light into rainbow colors, extract colors from candy, bugs, and tea! Meet invisible colors that only show up in a special lab!

Out of This World

SOLD OUT! Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are! Are you a red giant, white dwarf, or a distant sun orbited by planets full of alien life forms?

Have you ever looked up at the Milky Way and wondered? We have the Discovery Kits for you! Imagine and create a whole space station, moon base, or even colony on Mars!

Have a blast with a gravity-defying experiment. Make a dazzling comet toy, and test your space survival skills with a doozy of a challenge!


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